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 >Caution if going to use an ice chest on the beach: An IPer who did just that
 >had someone steal the cooler.

I specifically, said a car, but the point is totally valid, in any case...

Id still be nervous, but, the pump IS sealed. (mine is... im not sure about 
all of them)
Since Tracy posted, that she had success at  the beach....I can not argue 
with real experience,
and must retract my statement of concern, for the sand.

As for the heat try : http://www.frio.us.com/
Though i have not tried (its 49, in phily today), i do have one. looks like 
a great idea....

 >>keep insulin safe for up to 45 hours - even in constant environmental 
temperatures of 100 >>degrees

(to heck, with my insulin, id put the beer in it ;-)

So.... whats left?????...... sound like it might be time, to take your 
pump, for "a day (or two), at the beach",
and, leave your lantus, in the fridge, for another time ......MAYBE.........

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