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[IP] Sinusitis

Dear Barbara,
  I'm glad Zachary is having better luck with his Animas, I really like mine
too. I had lots or trouble with constant sinusitis and pneumonia once or twice a
winter as a teenager. I was labeled as having a week immune system and I missed
lots of
school or came to school sick.  Never a good thing.
  Any ways after leaving home for collage I realized that my symptoms vanished.
I never had a sniffle. Then I move to another dorm and got very sick again. I
had allergy testing done and discovered I was allergic to dust-mights. I had
only been
 sick when living places with dusty forced hot air heat. What was amazing was I
was not even that allergic. I now avoid dust and use an air purifier and no
longer have much problems with respiratory illness.
  I know this might not be your son's problem, but in six years my dr and my
family never thought to check so it might help to know it could be a cause. I
hope catching up school work goes smoothly for Zachary.
Sincerely, Phoenix
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