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Re: re:[IP] better infusion sets

> >>- make it insert either way, like a backpack quick release squeeze
> alread done....... the "ultra-flex"

Well, the best infusion set presently available today, bar none, just got
better.  I hadn't even noticed that that is true.  It hadn't registered.
When I use the Sils, though, I notice, because every time, WITHOUT FAIL, I
try to put it on backwards first.

We notice the problems.  But somehow, we never notice the beneficial
aspects.  Or at least, I don't, the horribly ungrateful person that I am.

My one improvement, and I'm happy:  Make them all connect to the site the
same way.  Find the method that works and stick with it.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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