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Re: [IP] School Help Needed ASAP!!! Compromised Immune System

 Wearing my mom hat:  Why in the world won't the school let him attend
while he is on injections? Is this a public school? This is in violation
of so many  laws. Have you dealt with the administration? Have you gone
to the school board? A school has a lot to lose financially if they
discriminate against Zachary because of his illness. Do you have a 504 in
place? Have you contacted the ADA? They will provide  you with an
attorney if there is reason to believe there is discrimination.

Now, my teacher hat, instead of my mom hat....   When Zachary is absent
are you getting work from the teachers so he doesn't fall behind? I teach
kids who have high absenteeism (usually due to poverty and transiency,
not illness). But for whatever reason, if kids miss a lot of school, they
fall behind. Most of what they learn is sequential and you can't just
jump in and out  and not be behind.

Relative to the school nurses: What kind of training have they had? Would
someone from your endo's office meet with them so they don't freak out
over blood sugars? If the school is willing, check into PADRE Foundation
which is connected to Orange County Children's Hospital in California.
They have an awesome training program for school medical staff. I pushed
until our high school district sent a nurse from each school to one of
their trainings.

Back to my mom hat: I know D affects each person differently but don't
assume that the problems are due to a weakened immune system because of
D. Our daughter, Jenny, is 14 and has never, ever missed a day of school
because of diabetes (except for 2 days when she was diagnosed). She is
doing her third high school sport this year and is healthier than the
rest of us.

I think I would push for your medical team to figure out what is going on
with his  health. Is it possible that he has food allergies or lactose
intolerance that has not been diagnosed? In my limited opinion, missing
this much school is not normal even for a kid with D. But then, who among
us is normal?

Good luck working all this out.

email @ redacted wrote:

  Barbara, I don't have any links handy for that information but all of Cory's

    doctors (ped.endo, regular peditrician and his allergist insist that he
    a flu shot every year.  His peditrician always sees immediately if he has
    type of illness and wants to see him as soon as the symptoms start instead
    waiting to see how it goes  

  Susan,  I'm glad Cory has had such a great year!

  Zachary did get his yearly flu shot,  but that doesn't prevent all
  the various stomach/intestinal flues he catches.    Plus he
  suffers from chronic sinusitis,  sinus infections,  sinus headaches,  stress
  headaches, and migraines.     And then those hormones
  that drive the blood sugars totally out of control for a week when
  you least expect them.

  He had so many cases of unexplained intestinal problems that
  the Endo tested him for Celiacs this winter.

  And our school nurses are IDIOTS!    They get very uncomfortable
  when his blood sugars start rising.

  Plus he missed more than a month total from pump failures.
  They wouldn't allow him in the building on multiple injections
  when his pumps failed.    And we went through a total of
  17 pumps this school year before switching companies.    So
  each of those occasions meant 1-3 days off school till the
  pump came.


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