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[IP] School Help Needed.....

Barbara wrote......

And we went through a total of
17 pumps this school year before switching companies. So
each of those occasions meant 1-3 days off school till the new
pump came. 

My heart and amazement goes out to you ! Unfortunately, I can't offer any 
suggestions on this topic, but if you have gone through 17 pumps this school 
year, I truly admire your tenacity and courage to not lose total mind control 
through all this. I would have been ToTaLlY off my rocker by all this. 

I have worked many years in private childcare, and I remember one year the 
family I worked with  had every imaginable cold and flu and continually 
"shared' with all the family members. Strangely, I never got even a cold. The 
next school year, it was the opposite. I was sick all the time. Them, maybe 
one cold by one child.   I write this in hope that this was your "sick" year, 
and that the school year is almost over. It sounds as if your son has put all 
his energy to growing and none on the immune system. (I have also heard that 
everytime a child is sick, they grow some, don't know if this is true, but I 
can see it both ways). Anyway, I am thinking good thoughts for you and your 
family, and hopefully this next school year will be a healthy year for you 
all. Best wishes, Tina
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