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[IP] Medications and Supplements

Hearing all of the information on positive and preventative results from the
supplements that are available on the market makes me want to take them all
every day.  But, I think I've already hit my limit for the number of pills 
I want to take every morning.  The current list is:

1 - Zestril
1 - Lipitor
2 - Omega 3 supplement
2 - Calcium
1 - 81mg aspirin
1 - Multi-vitamin
1 - Vitamin B supplement

How does 3 everyone take everything they want without having to swallow 100
pills every day.

I'm not trying to start a discussion where I'm whining about taking the 
NECESSARY medications, just about how to effectively manage the
number of elective supplements and still get the good benefits.  Are there
combination pills of diabetic friendly supplemenets offered that give
 good results?

The recent discussions about ALA and Coenzyme Q10 have me wanting to take


--- Judy Adams <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I too am interested in this MSM my husband takes glucosamine product and it 
> seemst o help.  He went to the doctor and they took x-rays and yes he does 
> have arthritis the doctor said to take 5 aleve a day (2 am 1 lunch 2 pm) and 
> it is helping but I ahve concerns about so much aleve.
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