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[IP] re MSM

Hi! I've been taking Methylsulfonylmthane for about 3 years. I get it at a
discount drug store for about $15 for 300 tablets of 1000 mg strength. I
started off with an expensive brand that had anti-oxidants in with it. The
biggest benefit that I found to taking it was that it has made me much more
flexible. It is supposed to soften the cell walls so nutrients and wastes
can transfer more easily. When I was able to begin exercising again before
Xmas, my knees and ankles were killing me though. Probably because I'm over
weight. I started taking glucosamine and they are better. Is it because I'm
in better shape now? Who knows? :) My mother takes a supplement every day
called Gluber Salts. I can't remember its scientific composition. She still
golfs and goes to Tai Chi etc at 89. My grandfather took them every day too
and was active into his 90's. I saw a naturopath last year because I was
catching so many colds etc that would always turn into an infection of some
kind. She suggested I begin taking ester c every day. I don't know if that
is the reason, but I haven't been sick once this winter, knock on wood!
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