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[IP] I'm extremely lucky and definately thankful

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to write and tell everyone that sometimes I need to sit back and 
be thankful for what I have, rather than dwelling on what I don't have.

What I don't have is vision in my left eye, what I do have is an ability to 
see with my right eye.  

A quick picture of my health: I lost my vision 19 years ago from a central 
vein occlusion (wow, not diabetes!) and although I do have peripheral vision, 
my central vision is gone.  What I see kind of looks like those pictures they 
print to show what someone with macular degeneration sees.  I was all of 
twenty-four at the time, diagnosed IDDM a little over 16 years at that time 
and pumping approximately two months.

On Monday, April 7th I (in an extremely low blood sugar state) made the 
mistake of thinking I would use super glue to repair something.  Of course, 
since I had used the glue once before I could not open the tube.  So 
brilliant me (with a 40ish blood sugar) thought I could use a pair of 
scissors to make a small cut in the bottom of the tube.  Well, the glue 
showered over me.  In my hair, on my face, on the counter, and in my GOOD 
EYE.  I in blindness went to the kitchen sink and started flushing my eye 
with cold water.  After about a minute of that, with my eye still hurting, I 
managed to open it just slightly so I could see to call 911.

Bottom line, I know am just fine, and am extremely lucky.  The police came 
and the paramedics came.  Neither would leave without me making an 
appointment with an opthomologist.  The ophthalmologist said that he saw the 
scratches that the glue had made on the lower part of the white of my eye, 
but not on my cornea.  I still shiver when I again replay his words, "Lady, 
you are extremely lucky.  If the glue would have touched your cornea, I am 
not sure how much vision you would have."  

I am a tax accountant and definitely need the use of my eyes.  After a week 
of applying an antibiotic cream to my eye (only at night) everything seems 

Point is, I am so extremely lucky to be where I am today!

Cee Dee
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