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[IP] Site Change & Blood Sugar Problems - Paradigm

Hello. I am having some trouble today and I am not sure how to correct it
and since it has happened a couple of times before I thought I would ask.

I was using the quick set and it was not working for me.  It kept bending
etc.  I am now using the Silouette.  I have mastered putting it on my lower
ab area but have not yet found another place that would work (I do not have
much fat - a lot of muscle).

Anyway, today I tried my hip area and went along as normal and then realized
that my blood sugar shot up to 344.  I figured that the site change did not
work (When I pulled it out it was bleeding).  I changed it and it began
working.  I bolused 4 units to bring my blood sugar back to normal and I
have been having major lows.  It dropped to 32 mid morning. (Usually 1 unit
drops my bs about 50 pts)

My first question is what should you do when this happens?  How do you
prevent the yo-yo effect.  Is my bloodsugar low because I actually did get
the insulin from the 1st site that I changed?

Second, I would love to hear from someone that has a thin / athletic build
and where they put the infusion site.


Paradigm - 12/02
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