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After reading a few post, im not so sure, i agree with , "why not use your 
Id think, id be nervous, on the beach... not just the heat (which  likely, 
could be dealt with) , but, i just dont think, that my pump, and sand would 
mix well...I'm sure we've all experienced "failed attempts", at keeping 
sand away from ANYTHING,  I dont think, it would take more then a single, 
grain, to mess things up, big time..... If you are going to be near a 
"place", or a car (with an ice chest), than maybe you could deal with , 
"using your pump", and the way it was described, (sure sounds like it'd 
work).. I do understand the situation, but, id think, youd better plan 
ahead, and consult a pro, on this issue (preferably, one who knows you).
(it does seem like, it IS do-able)

another idea.... if, your only going to be away, from you pump, for a few 
hours at a time, you might ask your doctor, about the possibly, of using a pen.
test every hour or so (as was suggested),  and "basal" in one hour 
increments, with the pen....
(just an idea, ... not a recommendation)

(if im "full of it"), please let me know, since i will soon be, in a 
similar situation, and will go with the pen idea) (only address this issue 
PLEASE, i dont want to get hundreds of emails)

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