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> I am going on
> vacation next week to the beach and was going to try Lantus for the week
> instead of wearing my pump.  I experimented yesterday with it to see how
> works.  I gave myself 18units (because with the pump I use 22 daily basal
> rate).  My sugar skyrocketed to 345 so I kept giving myself humalog shots
> try to bring it down.  Finally during the night it was coming down to 200,
> every hour on the hour I checked in and it kept rising up in the 200's.  I
> usually very sensitive to insulin and don't need a whole lot of humalog.
> Should I give myself more Lantus???  How many units...25???  I finally put
> pump back on this morning and it has only been 14 hours since my Lantus


Were you on Lantus before MDI? Now that you pump, how many basal rates do
you use? Most people have more than one, and if you are one of us, you are
really messing with your basal rates and giving yourself a *flat rate*
insulin could cause a high for a period of time that you usually take a
higher amount, then trying to bring that down will mess up the next rate
that would be lower. IMHO you are messing with your body big time. We are
not qualified to Rx your dosages and you really need expert medical advice.
Are you prepared to be yelled at by your medical team? They do stuff like
that when someone ends up in the hospital with a major problem in a severe
hypo or DKA.

What's wrong with wearing your pump, disconnecting for those times in your
bathing suit and checking every hour or so then reconnect and bolus, then
unhook? DM is not a convenient disease to have, but either is spending time
in the hospital convenient when one messes up their system with self-,
unapproved treatment(s).

Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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