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re:[IP] Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens

At 11:01 AM 4/18/03, you wrote:
>I hope this isn't the last word on this. Try to be more positive about new
>ideas. What's better, 5-10 finger sticks a day, or, Visine and practically
>continuous blood Glucose monitoring? The sensor works in tears. Try to think
>where else it might work. Try to become the "them" you mentioned above. Use
>this forum to work towards the cure. We have more at stake than the
>University of Pittsburgh. The contact lens companies see this as a way to
>make money. I see this as a way for all diabetics, except those with really
>dry eyes, to improve their lives and live more like normal people. The vast
>majority will probably benefit, but, if only one person is helped by this,
>isn't that enough?

First, I am only speaking for ME not everyone else.  My first comment 
said:  "Yes, but only for people who can tolerate wearing contact 
lenses."  IMHO, the contact lens bg monitor would only benefit "some people 
with diabetes" and not all.  I am only speaking from MY experience with 
contact lenses and *I* would not welcome them as a good source for bg 
monitoring.  If that was the only way they came up with for bg monitoring, 
say for a closed loop system, *I* would be out of luck then.  I would only 
hope that they also continued working on other types of bg monitoring and 
not only contact lenses.  And, I am positive about new ideas, I do not have 
to agree with ALL of them.  I said that contact lens bg monitors would only 
benefit people who could tolerate wearing contact lenses.  I see that as a 
fact.  Have you ever worn contact lenses?  I hear about people having 
problems with being connected to a pump 24 hours a day... how about 
sticking a piece of plastic in your eye and leaving it there 24 hours a day?

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