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Re: [IP] Insulin Antibody


I have heard of insulin antibodies, I posted about this back in January.  My
daughter Eve (15.75 yr), who has diabetes, was tested for this last December
when she was in the hospital in DKA.  Eve has a 19% reaction to humlin
insulin (humalog or novolog, NPH, U, etc.) and 13% reaction to pork insulin,
and a 19% to beef insulin. We were told that normal is less then 2%. This is
just a simple blood test that can be taken at a doctors office. Eve's blood
sample was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn. I don't know what the
name of the test was.  When Eve's doctor received the results she told that
at this point they would strongly recommend a pump, luckily Eve is already
on the pump.

When you have antibodies to insulin the antibodies bind with the insulin to
make it uneffective.  When you take short acting insulin and the antibodies
bind to it it will only effect the body for the normal duration of the
insulin so about two to four hours.  When antibodies bind to a long acting
insulin that stays in the body for eight to twenty-four hours, it will make
it so the insulin is less or has no effect for that period of time. This a
simple explanation of what happens. So, the best thing is to be on short
acting insulins because that insulin is in the body for only two to four

I have spent weeks looking for something on the internet about insulin
antibodies and found very little. I asked Eve's doctor about some place I
could find information about insulin antibodies. She said she wasn't
surprise I couldn't find information about insulin antibodies because there
is very little information about this and insulin antibodies to humlin are
very uncommon.

Eve will have days when her bg's will be all over the place and she will be
bolusing and her bg's won't come down and some days will need less insulin
and she will keep crashing, but we now know why this happens.  Eve is not on
steroids for this. It means that in the furture she might need more insulin
to keep her diabetes under control.

If you need any more information or I could help, please email me.

Deborah, mom to Eve 15.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> I told her there is nothing I can do any longer to keep the b.g. under
> control.  Have days where I can take tons of insulin and it does nothing
> other days b.g. just keeps crashing no matter what I eat or how little
> insulin I take.
> She told me they put another patient in icu for 3 weeks as she was also on
> pump and they thought she was taking too much insulin.
> Turns out she has antibodies to the insulin and then they put her on
> steroids.
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