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First of all I and very few people are really qualified to give you this
kind of medical advice. So, please take this as food for thought
(carbohydrate free).

Need to ask, have you talked to your pump coach or your doctor about this
experiment you are trying?  This should be your first stop.

Next question -- have you been on Lantus and Humalog as an MDI person?  What
amount of basal did you take?

Now, comes the food for discussion.  Normally a person who goes from MDI to
pumping will be placed on a lower basal rate than what they used before.  In
my case, I went from 100 units of Lantus to 60 units for my basal rate.  So,
this may explain your high blood sugars when you reduced your "basal" Lantus
rate instead of increasing it.  As usual, YMMV.

Cathy, I can't emphasize this enough.  Please call your doctor and/or your
pump coach about this matter.  Again, few if any of us are qualified to set
basal rates be it on your pump or in you Lantus injections!!!!

Have a nice time at the beach.  And, let's be careful out there!!

> Should I give myself more Lantus???  How many units...25???  I finally put
> pump back on this morning and it has only been 14 hours since my Lantus
> If anyone can help me PLEASE email me at
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