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Re: [IP] paradigm reservoir refilling

The Paradigm reservoir is like a vial.  To get air in, put the
reservoir/little vial on the vial of insulin with the needle inserted. 
Draw back the plunger to the end of the reservoir/vial with the little
reservoir/vial on top so no insulin comes in and then, push the air into
the big insulin vial.  The key is having the needle of the blue collar
inserted into the little vial's stopper. 

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Re: [IP] paradigm reservoir refilling >Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 01:12:58
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will eliminate this header from your IP mail > > > Hi all. Just got my
new paradigm Monday night. I use at least 60 units a >day > > and was
using my reservoirs 2 times with the 508. I tried tonight to reuse > > it
with my new pump and found that I could not pull air back into the > >
reservoir in order to push it into the vial in order to draw up a new
load > > of insulin. > >I don't have a Paradigm, but you might be able to
do what I do when filling >my reservoirs. I withdraw a little insulin
into the reservoir, then take a >regular syringe with the plunger removed
and put it in the insulin vial. As >I fill the reservoir with insulin,
the vacuum is replaced with air, and as >an added bonus, as long as I'm
sure to remove insulin away from the bubble >stream, I get fewer air
bubbles in my reservoir! > >I got this idea right here from IP. I hope it
helps. If you're using 60 >units a day, you probably really do want to
reuse them. > >Kristen >dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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