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Re: [IP] better infusion sets

At 10:46 PM 4/17/03, you wrote:
>The tubing should be sold with the reservoir, NOT the cannula. You
>change tubing  every time you change reservoir, not every time you
>change cannulas.  It makes no sense to sell the tubing as part of the
>cannula.  Ryan i don't know what you are thinking.  All tubing
>connecters I've seen have a snap lock that could never separate by
>- -wayne

This, however, could be a problem since there are many different types of 
infusion sets and the tubing sold with the reservoir would have to be 
compatible will all the different infusion sets.  Since all the connections 
to the infusion sets are different,  I can't see the different pump 
companies having that many different packages of reservoir/cartridges.  I 
think that the infusion sets should be packaged separately from the tubings 
and you order so many infusion sets and so many tubings.  Makes better 
sense to me than having the tubings with the reservoirs.  Btw, I order my 
cartridges from Disetronic and my infusion sets from MM, so that alone 
would cause me problems since Disetronic may not have the tubings for my 
infusion sets since they don't sell QuickSets.

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