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[IP] Re: School Help Needed ASAP!!! Compromised Immune System

> Barbara, I don't have any links handy for that information but all of Cory's
> doctors (ped.endo, regular peditrician and his allergist insist that he
> gets
> a flu shot every year.  His peditrician always sees immediately if he has
> any
> type of illness and wants to see him as soon as the symptoms start instead
> of
> waiting to see how it goes

Susan,  I'm glad Cory has had such a great year!

Zachary did get his yearly flu shot,  but that doesn't prevent all
the various stomach/intestinal flues he catches.    Plus he
suffers from chronic sinusitis,  sinus infections,  sinus headaches,  stress
headaches, and migraines.     And then those hormones
that drive the blood sugars totally out of control for a week when
you least expect them.

He had so many cases of unexplained intestinal problems that
the Endo tested him for Celiacs this winter.

And our school nurses are IDIOTS!    They get very uncomfortable
when his blood sugars start rising.

Plus he missed more than a month total from pump failures.
They wouldn't allow him in the building on multiple injections
when his pumps failed.    And we went through a total of
17 pumps this school year before switching companies.    So
each of those occasions meant 1-3 days off school till the new
pump came.


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