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re:[IP] Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens

> Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 22:37:56 -0400
> From: RoseLea <email @ redacted>
> Subject: re:[IP] Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens
> >This is a big step in the climb toward curing diabetes with a mechanical
> >pancreas.
> >Tim
> Yes, but only for people who can tolerate wearing contact lenses.  I wear
> contact lenses for vision correction.  If I didn't need vision correction
> would not wear contact lenses.  They require a lot of work caring for
> as well as care while wearing them so as not to end up with eye abrasions
> and infections.  Not all people can wear contact lenses either, depending
> on eye moisture, etc.  Personally, I'd rather see them develop another
> of glucose sensor than a contact lens.
> RoseLea

I hope this isn't the last word on this. Try to be more positive about new
ideas. What's better, 5-10 finger sticks a day, or, Visine and practically
continuous blood Glucose monitoring? The sensor works in tears. Try to think
where else it might work. Try to become the "them" you mentioned above. Use
this forum to work towards the cure. We have more at stake than the
University of Pittsburgh. The contact lens companies see this as a way to
make money. I see this as a way for all diabetics, except those with really
dry eyes, to improve their lives and live more like normal people. The vast
majority will probably benefit, but, if only one person is helped by this,
isn't that enough?

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