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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #217

email @ redacted writes:
>Fellow Pumpers,
>I've noticed in the last month that when I wake up my pump the screen is  dark
>and very faint.  The backlight is also dim even after a battery change.  I've
>been pumping since Oct. and when the pump was new the screen was very easy to
>read and the backlight was always bright.  I rely on the backlight so my
>batteries (Energizer 357 from Animas) only last from 19 - 21 days.
>I called the company, the tech was great and sent a refurbished replacement to
>me in less than 24 hours.  However, this pump also acts the same way.  Now I'm
>not sure whether I should keep the one the company sent me or keep my own.
>Has anyone had a similar experience with their Animas IR 1000?  Is this a
>normal occurrence with aging?
>Any suggestion?
  Your battery life seems quite short. I never use the back light, and the
screen seems fine for me to read, but I get two months out of a change of
batteries. What surprised me is that Animas sent you a refurbished pump. I know
that they told me
 when I got my pump was that they always replace with new pumps. Sorry I can't
be of more help.
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