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Re: [IP] pumping malfunction - too much insulin

Artorius Rex <email @ redacted>  wrote:

>If I had to guess, I'd say that this journalist is making an assumption 
>that the pump malfunctioned. Without the pump company having had time to 
>evaluate pump, who knows what happened. The article was written the Sunday 
>following this Saturday incident.

I agree since the reporter wrote:

>Red Sox manager Grady Little said Cubbage wears a pump on his belt that is 
>supposed to regulate his blood sugar, but it apparently malfunctioned. It 
>was not clear whether Cubbage would return for Sunday's game.

Now, everyone who wears a pump knows that it does not "regulate" anyone's 
blood sugar.  The pump dispenses insulin and only that.  Once they get the 
closed loop system perfected, then perhaps blood sugar would be 
regulated.  But right now the pump only dispenses insulin.  So, I'm 
guessing he had a low blood sugar due to too much activity and him not 
regulating his insulin in relation to the amount of activity he 
had.  Similar to me going low after too much exercising and me not 
compensating for it.

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