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[IP] Cozmo for toddlers


You will LOVE the Cozmo!  Our daughter was diagnosed at 11 months too 
(she's 18 months now); we've had her on the COZMO now for two weeks.  
One of the endos at our group asked me how we like it, and I nearly 
broke down in tears trying to express the relief it has brought us.  I 
no longer have to set the alarm clock for 1 am every morning to make 
sure she hasn't gone hypoglycemic; I can sleep through the night 
confident that she's just as likely to live to the morning as any other 
kid is.  We no longer have to continually watch the clock and make sure 
she eats every three hours.  We no longer have to give her shots, which 
she was increasingly starting to complain about (we were doing 4 a day, 
including a shot at 1 am).   Even with 4 shots a day, and an average of 
6 blood tests per day, about half of her blood sugar readings were 
either over 250 or below 80 (we know this because we plot the data 
weekly).  Her last AIc was 10.  We don't quite have her basal and bolus 
(even just one of each!) perfect yet, but they're close enough that she 
has now gone through entire nights with her sugar staying in the 100's 
(used to be, it was in the 300's or more every  evening).  Now, 
probably any of these wonderful things you could get with any other 

What is fantastic about the Cozmo is that it will do so much of the 
math for you.  Once you have figured out what you want your correction 
bolus and meal bolus ratios to be, you plug these equations into the 
pump and forever afterward it will do the math for you on how much 
insulin you need - you just tell it how many carbs you ate (for a meal 
bolus) or what your current BG is (for a correction bolus).  For the 
latter, it has safety features built in to calculate the insulin still 
on board, so you don't overshoot.  These mean that it's the EASIEST 
pump for a day-care provider, or a teacher, or a school nurse to learn 
- because they don't need to do the math for every dose; they only need 
to count carbs and use your blood glucose meter.

Now, there are some drawbacks to the Cozmo for a tiny tot.   Its 
smallest correction bolus ratio is one unit of insulin per 200 points 
of blood glucose (our daughter takes about one unit per 400 points), 
and the maximum number of carbs allowed per unit of insulin is 40.  You 
can program each dose manually if you want, but then you're using the 
pump just the same as any other model pump (meaning, you have to do the 
math yourself).  Also, you cannot tell the Cozmo that you are using 
diluted insulin - it assumes that all insulin is U100.  We actually are 
diluting our daughter's insulin to U25, which is the only way we could 
get the right correction bolus ratio in the pump.   This is working 
great, but it does mean that every time the pump says it's giving a 
unit, it's really only a quarter-unit.  Thus the numbers on the screen 
are frighteningly high until we divide by four in our heads.

mom to Sigrid
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