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RE [IP] pumping malfunction - too much insulin

 >I ran into this article that describes a pump malfunction causing an
 >"overdosing" of insulin for a Boston Red Sox coach during a game

 >Red Sox manager Grady Little said Cubbage wears a pump on his belt that 
is supposed to >regulate his blood sugar, but it apparently malfunctioned. 
It was not clear whether Cubbage >would return for Sunday's game

well I'll be darned... here i thought this guy was nothing but a baseball 
manager, but i find out, he is, apparently, also an expert, in the area of 
insulin infusion pumps......

im sure glad, this player, is nothing, like a number of people, i 
communicate, in this list....
it appears, he is immune from making any personal errors, and any and all 
problems, that occur with his diabetes, are totally due to a pump 

i always enjoy accurate news reporting, with not a bit of sensationalism.
wouldnt be much of a story, if it was "player makes mistake", would it?

will wonders ever ceases ???

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