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Re: [IP] pumping malfunction - too much insulin

If I had to guess, I'd say that this journalist is making an assumption
that the pump malfunctioned.  Without the pump company having had time to
evaluate pump, who knows what happened.  The article was written the Sunday
following this Saturday incident.

This appears to be another case of a journalist making diabetic mountains
out of one person's mole-hill mistakes.

Just my opinion of course.  =)

--- Rick and Helen <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I ran into this article that describes a pump malfunction causing an 
> "overdosing" of insulin for a Boston Red Sox coach during a game.  This 
> is one of the nightmarish fears I have about wearing the pump. I can 
> psychologically handle a disruption in infusion but getting too much is 
> scary.  Has anyone else heard of or experienced such malfunctions?  I 
> would think the machines have triple backup fail-safe systems for this.
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