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[IP] Insulin Antibody

Hi all.

Went to dr. yesterday and still have severe anemia but had checked out,
don't have mediterranean anemia. I've been taking iron supplements and now
she wants me to either take two of them per day or go on a prescription one.

A1c was 8.1 up from 7.4 and I don't care anymore.

I told her there is nothing I can do any longer to keep the b.g. under
control.  Have days where I can take tons of insulin and it does nothing and
other days b.g. just keeps crashing no matter what I eat or how little
insulin I take.

She told me they put another patient in icu for 3 weeks as she was also on
pump and they thought she was taking too much insulin.

Turns out she has antibodies to the insulin and then they put her on

I told dr. that #1, I refuse to go to hospital for 3 weeks and secondly,
refuse to be put on any form of steroids.  I have enough problems with my
body already not looking for more.

Anyway, next time I go, she is taking another a1c, glucose, thyroid and
insulin antibody test.

Anyone else experience this or heard of it?

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 36 yrs pumping 12/00
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