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Re: [IP] better infusion sets

I don't think we'll have good luck with the infusion set/reservoir 
manufacturers having standardized connections at each end of the tubing.

It does make sense to sell the tubing with the reservoir, but this won't
happen until the infusion/tubing connection is standardized or the pump
companies start pushing to change the way this stuff is sold.

I don't think the pump companies have much incentive to want to standardize
any more than they have.  MM is bucking the standardization trend at the
moment with the Paradigm stuff.

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> The tubing should be sold with the reservoir, NOT the cannula. You 
> change tubing  every time you change reservoir, not every time you 
> change cannulas.  It makes no sense to sell the tubing as part of the 
> cannula.  Ryan i don't know what you are thinking.  All tubing 
> connecters I've seen have a snap lock that could never separate by 
> itself.
> -wayne
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