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Re: [IP] airport guideline confusion

3) can i put any syringes in the checked in luggage or will they freak? i'm
only brining a couple for back up. .......................

I have never had any problems with traveling or airports. I usually put extra 
supplies in my suitcase (the 50% extra that I never end up needing....yet) 
with no difficulty. All my reuglar supplies I keep together in a carry on 
bag, including my insulin, which I ask to have hand checked (the bag I mean). 
As I understand from the airlines, you will have no problem if you do two 
things. Keep all medications in prescription containers or boxes and keep 
your syringes with the boxes. Keep your lancets WITH  your glucose monitor. 
The syringes and lancets carried on without a working monitor or prescription 
insulin causes consern. I agree, the reseviors do look severe. Keep them with 
everything else and the infusion sets. Good luck on your trip. 
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