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Re: [IP] airport guideline confusion

At 12:40 PM 4/17/03, leanne wrote:
>1) at what point do i tell the airline i'm diabetic and to hand search my
>insulin/syringe bag? where i check my luggage? at the security checkpoint?

I never tell them anything unless they ask.  I follow "don't ask, don't tell".

>2) i do not let them put my insulin thru the xray machine, correct? it
>degrades it, or something like that....?

I have also heard not to put the insulin through the x-ray machine.  Next 
trip, I plan to just stick it in my pocket.

>3) can i put any syringes in the checked in luggage or will they freak? i'm
>only brining a couple for back up.

I put all my syringes and diabetes supplies in my carry-on bag.  If the 
airlines loose my luggage (it does happen) then I have my supplies with me 
just in case I need a backup.

>4) in the bag i hand over for them to hand check i should have my insulin,
>syringes, glucogon kit and... anything else?

I've never had them hand check any bag.  Just put it on the counter and let 
them run through the x-ray.  Exception for me now would be to put my 
insulin bottle on my person.  If they ask about it, then I will show 
them.  Now that the alert is back to yellow, I expect my next trip in May 
to Arizona to go fairly easily.

>5) where do they let you meet your party now? i know people without tickets
>can no longer meet you at the gate- is the baggage claim ok? i'm asking in
>case i go low or need help- i guess i'd just have to find an attendant or
>something? i also get motion sickness, that's usually my biggest problem.

Baggage pickup location is fine for people to meet you.  That's where my 
contacts meet me to pick me up, at the baggage carousel.  If you have fear 
of having problems, you can always check with the airlines.  I do know that 
they allow people who need assistance to be met at the gate.  My advice is 
to check your bg frequently while flying to make sure you're not going 
low.  For me, with little hypo awareness, because I check often while 
flying, I've never had a problem with going so low I couldn't handle it 
myself.  YMMV.

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