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Re: [IP] better infusion sets

>I don't think that having the tubings and cannulas separate is a good 
>idea at all.  There is too much risk of the tubing pulling out 
>partially or all the way if there is some "tug"

i dont want to get into an "infusion set" war....
the set that you use... does it NOT disconnect?
(seems like you said, that it did, but, if i understood you, youd rather that
it didnt ???)

 let me assure you... the ultra-flex, locks on.... i got caught on a door handle
it did not pull the site out, nor did it disconnect... 
it BROKE the lure-lock, right off of the adapter.... (ohh.. i can still feel
I think you could tie it to two cars.... 
the tubing will break, before it disconnects....
(MO only)
i, can only attest to the ultra-flex, since it the only one ive ever used....

since i change everything, when i change insulin (every 5 days, or so), id be
throwing away the tubing, every other time.... Im not going to say "this is
the only way",
but, since i can detach (and i like that feature a lot), the cost savings of
the site ONLY,
for the in between times, I THINK, is a good idea.....

ill not say, that i might not change my mind, but, i dont feel, as though, the
site, is all that bulky (though, i sometimes think, id like to have a "PORT")

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