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Re: [IP] Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens

 I agree its a little strange for me but I guess it is good that they are
exploring differnet options for BG testing ad out there somewhere there is
someone who will love this way but it does sound like a modern day pee on the
strip testing you get a colour and thats it. I like my numbers thanks - I like
them on a screen not my eye ball!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> It sounds to me rather crude.  I would hope that eventually it 
> could be more
> precise and less obvious to everyone and their brother in law that 
> you'vegot something weird in there.
> What I don't like is the lack of precision.  (Green, red, and 
> violet --
> aren't there variations?  Isn't 200 worse than 150?  I'd panic 
> over a 35 bs,
> but not worry too much over a 65.  And some people actually target 
> for 150
> or 60, for instance.)
> I also don't like the need to look in a mirror to check, and more
> importantly, the fact that apparently, people could see it, too.  
> I don't
> want to tell every stranger that I meet that actually, that green 
> spot in my
> eye means my blood sugar is normal.  I'd like to make my blood 
> sugar my
> business, and not the community's.
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