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[IP] animas pump question

Shirley wrote:

I've noticed in the last month that when I wake up my pump the screen is
and very faint.  The backlight is also dim even after a battery change.  I've
been pumping since Oct. and when the pump was new the screen was very easy to
read and the backlight was always bright.  I rely on the backlight so my
batteries (Energizer 357 from Animas) only last from 19 - 21 days.

I called the company, the tech was great and sent a refurbished replacement
me in less than 24 hours.  However, this pump also acts the same way.  Now
not sure whether I should keep the one the company sent me or keep my own.
Has anyone had a similar experience with their Animas IR 1000?

I use my backlight a lot and my batteries last approximately 3 months - it is
also a combination of how high your basal rate is, etc. that uses up the
battery power (I have low basals).
My original R1000 seemed to be very bright when I used the backlight and was
kind of a "green" glow, however this past summer I got a new R1000 pump and
the backlight on it is more of a "grey-white" light but the type of backlight
that is used now does not seem to me to be near as bright as the original
backlight (it is definitely light enough to see though).  My original pump
with backlight seemed to make the whole bedroom glow if I used the light
during the night.  If you have not updated your pump, etc. and the light is
changing I would be  concerned.  However if the new updated pump you received
says on the back of it that it was made after June 2002 it probably has the
new backlight in it and will not be as bright or the same type of light as the
original pump.  I do wonder if Animas really sent you a "refurbished" pump as
you say.  I was not aware that they ever did this and was under the impression
that all replacement pumps they sent out were brand new.  You might want to
check with them on this matter.   YMMV

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