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Re: [IP] better infusion sets

>Do any of you have good ideas - I will mention different 
>colors of tubing! And to sell tubings and cannulas seperately. It's a 
>opportunity to get the ideas directly to the makers of the sets.

I don't think that having the tubings and cannulas separate is a good 
idea at all.  There is too much risk of the tubing pulling out 
partially or all the way if there is some "tug".  It may stay connected 
enough to not reveal that there is a "leak" or that it pulled out 
enough to allow air or other things in.  The solution to this would be 
to create a "lock" at the connection, but this would contribute to more 
bulkiness.  The biggest thing that I would like to see is a SMALLER 
infusion set on the outside of the body.  The "Disconnect" feature of 
the QuickSet is what makes it as bulky as it is.  

Right now, the tubing attached to the cannula/infusion set is a source 
of security.  I also wouldn't want to buy them separately due to 
assuredness that the two pieces seal together well.

Personally, I love the QuickSet right now.  Only change would be to 
make it smaller.

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