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Re: [IP] wrapped around wee willie

Barb.....THANK YOU for the morning wake-up laughter....hmmmm...you are right, 
it could be serious and painful for the son but man.....well, Josh is a 
pumping boy of the same age and first of all he sleeps in his boxers and 
wears the pump in a T-shirt sleeper with the big pump pocket in front with 
velcro closure.  He uses short tubing and has never even gotten close to 
getting anything tangled up.  An easy suggestion is to loop the excess tubing 
and tape it down to his tummy.  This is also good for preventing sites from 
being pulled out, but will also keep the tubing away from ANY body parts that 
might get tangled!!

Again...THANKS for the early moring humor!!!!

mom to Joshua
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