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[IP] Re: better infusion sets

On Thursday, April 17, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> I will be visiting Maersk Medical, the maker of Quick sets and 
> Silhouettes,
> May 13 and I will be asked for ideas for better infusion sets and they 
> will
> show me their ideas. Do any of you have good ideas - I will mention 
> different
> colors of tubing! And to sell tubings and cannulas seperately. It's a 
> great
> opportunity to get the ideas directly to the makers of the sets.
> Anja
Anja, I wonder if you could help me find something out.  I have been 
told by one Minimed employee that the cannulas on all the currently 
available leuer-lock sets are made of the same material, except for the 
sofset.  Others have disputed that.  I was under the impression that 
Maersk made all of them, so if there is a difference, they should know. 
  If they make all but the sofset, that would be significant 
information, also.


Linda Z
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