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Re: [IP] airport guideline confusion

> i haven't flown since april of 2000.  I'm leaving
> from philly airport to milwaukee in a week in a half to see my grandmother
> i'm confused about what i need to do for the airport.

I've flown into and out of Mitchell Field in Milwaukee numerous times.
Don't worry about it at all.  You'll do fine.  You'll probably even wonder
what all the fuss was about after it's over!

> 1) at what point do i tell the airline i'm diabetic and to hand search my
> insulin/syringe bag? where i check my luggage? at the security checkpoint?

You DON'T tell them, anywhere at all, at least if you are anything like me!
;-)  I have, in the past, told them, and I found it a whole lot of trouble
and totally unnecessary.  You can usually walk right through without hitch.
The only time I WOULD say anything is if they wand you.  That *has* beeped
over my pump before.  (In fact, I think it ALWAYS does.)

If you do choose to tell, though, the place to do it would be at the
security checkpoint.  When you check your luggage, they couldn't care less.

> 2) i do not let them put my insulin thru the xray machine, correct? it
> degrades it, or something like that....?

Whether or not that is really true is a matter of some debate.  There are
some who insist that it is and that their insulin has been ruined that way.
Others say there is no possible way for the Xrays to do that at all.  I've
never had a problem, and I've almost always sent it right on through.  If
you do want to protect it, keep it in your pocket and walk through the
security gate like normal.  That way you don't have to have someone hand
check it.

> 3) can i put any syringes in the checked in luggage or will they freak?
> only brining a couple for back up.

Incidently, one time when I flew, I forgot my ID.  I had all my luggage hand
checked as a result.  Not a word was said about any of the supplies I
brought, and I'd say the reservoirs look a whole lot MORE threatening than
an ordinary syringe.

I think the only things they would "freak" over in your checked luggage
would be weapons or bomb material.  (Tip: don't bring those! :-P )
Especially since those particular items are checked, you would have no
access to them on the flight, so what do they care?

> 4) in the bag i hand over for them to hand check i should have my insulin,
> syringes, glucogon kit and... anything else?

Covered above.  Give them nothing to hand check, unless you prefer the

> 5) where do they let you meet your party now? i know people without
> can no longer meet you at the gate- is the baggage claim ok?

The baggage claim area is fine.  Depending on the airport, most permit your
party a lot closer than that.  Generally, they can wait just before the
security checkpoint.  This is true at Mitchell Field for sure.  I don't know
where else you might travel (sometimes people like to fly to Chicago and
drive to Milwaukee for lower fares), but chances are, that is the only thing
they need to worry about.  They can't pass through the security checkpoint
without a ticket.

> any words of advice would be appreciated! this is a big mental step for
> being able to travel alone again and handle it, so i'm a little

DON'T be.  It will be fine!

I do remember, though, the first time I traveled away from home as a
diabetic, though, on a trip that didn't even involve flying.  I did worry a
little, but I wanted the experience.  I was glad I did.  Your fears are
likely much worse than anything you will actually have to deal with.
Imagine traveling basically alone with two small children!  I've done that,
and I've found that airport travelers are always very kind.  I've had many
total strangers offer to help.  (Probably BECAUSE of the two small children,
however!)  If you needed something and were acting somehow odd, I'd bet
someone would stop and try to help.  Maybe even a fellow traveler!

If you are in Milwaukee and want to meet another IPer, send me an email!
I'm usually stuck at home while my husband has the car at work, but we could
 probably work something out.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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