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re:[IP] better infusion sets

(whether you agree or not).... a "COILED HOSE", like a phone cord
(this might have helped alleviate a previous post, that i read  today)

>>An infusion set with a smoother profile on the connection hub would be great.

but, that might make disconnecting, a bit more difficult...

>>- make it insert either way, like a backpack quick release squeeze buckle!

alread done....... the "ultra-flex"

should it stick better?? it sticks like mad, when i try to pull it off...
it tough.... wed like it to come off, real easily, but, we also want it to stay
on, under the most adverse conditions.....maybe the inclusion of some kind of
"release agent"

the ultra-flex is sold, as an entire kit, and, just the site.... a reasonable
solution (IMO)

colors? ... a bit much.... dont ya' think ???
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