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Re: [IP] airport guideline confusion


Welcome back to traveling!  You will find it is not really difficult.

Most of us do not make a point of telling airport security that we are
diabetic.   At least 7 out of 10 times there is no detailed search of your
carry on luggage.

I got searched in Chicago one time.  The first question asked was, "Do you
have any sharp instruments in your luggage?"

I told them that I had syringes and lancets (all capped).  The security
people thanked me for telling them about the sharps.  The supervisor told
his staff that I was diabetic and that he had a sister with diabetes.  He
then went on to give a mini-lecture on diabetes.  Did a good job too!

Insulin will degrade after multiple long exposures to the x-rays that the
airport uses.  This wasn't a problem until they stopped the conveyer belt to
check out someone's computer.  I politely told the security agent that they
were bombarding my insulin and the moved my luggage right along.

Since you have glucagon injectible, I would think that you also have glucose
tablets.  (My favorite is the fruit punch one).

You are right passengers cannot meet you at the gate. However, they can meet
you just inside the terminal.

If you start having trouble and need help alert any security person or
airline personnel.  They should see that you obtain the assistance that you

Bon Voyage!

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