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[IP] Re:School Help Needed ASAP!!! Compromised Immune System

> <<I need links to sources that mention how Diabetes compromises
> a person's immune system.>>

I was somewhat involved with the issue of a child missing too much 
school from illness about 20 years ago, but the child was not diabetic, 
she had undiagnosed stomach problems.  In that case, nobody who knew 
her and the family was questioning the problems, nor that they 
prevented her from attending school.  The laws and regulations were a 
problem, but it seems to me the bigger problem was that the school was 
set up to present what was to be learned in a certain way, and this 
didn't allow enough flexibility to have many absences.  Catriona was an 
exceptionally bright child (she now has a doctorate from MIT <gr.>), 
and might have been able to keep her grades up, anyway, but she 
certainly would have missed things.  The solution for her was to 
transfer to a county "model" school that had a more flexible style, 
where there were individual learning plans for each student. That 
school, being more flexible in everything, was also able to be more 
flexible about absences.  If it hadn't been available. I think I would 
have looked for some help from visiting teachers next, and then maybe 
private schools, then home schooling.  I guess now there is a lot more 
support for home schooling than there was then, so I might look into it 

I don't know how pertinent this is to your situation, but just wanted 
to point out that a lot of absences from some schools can cause real 
gaps in the child's education, and there sometimes are ways to get 
around this.

Linda Z
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