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re:[IP] better infusion sets

An infusion set with a smoother profile on the connection hub would be great.
When I use my legs for infusion sites, I'm always worried I'm going to yank it
out when pulling clothing up or down.  If the connection hub had a flatter/
smoother profile or tapered edges, I would think this would happen far less 

--- leann marcucci <email @ redacted> wrote:
> hi anja,
> i do have a suggestion. see what they think of making a set that's smaller
> outside of the body but can still be angled like the silhouette. i used to
> use
> the bent needle until the metal poking muscle hurt too much (i'm on the thin
> side) and there's barely anything that sits on the skin to catch on your
> jeans. now i use the silhouette- love the flexibility of angles and teflon,
> but there's that huge "button" that always catches on my pants. my entire
> waistline is off limits because all i do is pull sites out when they rub on
> my
> jeans.
> so merge the bent needle "wings" with the teflon angle and i'll switch!
> don't want color though- clear only!
> good luck!
> leann marcucci
> dx'd 8/00
> pumping 9/00
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