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Re: [IP] wrapped around wee willie

After using my pump for more than a year with 23" tubing, and sleeping in the
buff on most nights, I can report that this has never happened to me either.

I use a "thigh thing" to keep the pump from wandering all over the bed when
I sleep and this tends to keep the tubing under control also.

Without either "willie" or the pump restrained, I can see tubing emergencies
happening.  I would think that restraining one or the other should keep both
happy.  =)

--- "C. Jones" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well Barb as a pumper of three and a half months I can say this has never
> happened to me.
> Here are a few things I do:
> First of all, I normally wear briefs to bed with me.  That in its self
> should take care of the matter.  (As long as you make sure that the tubing
> isn't in your briefs with wee willie)
> Second, I usually have my pump in a shirt pocket or a pocket in my shorts.
> This prevents the pump from running around the bed and ensaring wee willie.
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