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RE [IP] Another story about medical professionals

>>The guy is a construction worker and not from the area. 

and he had NO responsibility, for HIS OWN health ?????

sure, we're all in a position, to have bad things happen...
unless, im totally be myself, whoever im with, is aware, that i am not only
diabetec, but, in my bag (or pocket), are ..........
And, should i become "strange" (ok... in my case, i might be hard to tell the
difference), give them to me, and or MAKE me eat them....
(or, at least, get me something sweet)

 although, as mentioned previously, there are many misconceptions about
 most people, are able to identify something, that will help, if they were

kind of goes back to "hiding diabetes".... if nothing else, it MIGHT put one
in a precarious situation, that could otherwise, be avoided

sure. i may depend on others, but i feel that I NEED, to shoulder some of the
responsibility too.


if the whole world, thought like me, it'd be a bigger mess, then it is
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