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Re: [IP] Sign at dr's for competence

>Yeah, but the aspect to Len's idea that we DON'T have is the opportunity to

>list something about the BAD endos!

let me mention one issues her... im not posting this, just to argue "semantics"

Id rather say "a BAD experience", rather then a "BAD endo" ....

Im not a doctor, and im not sure, i could say, "a doctor is bad".
You may have seen the same dr, and felt that she/he was wonderful.
were i to say, that she/he was "BAD", youd surly be in a position to argue.

however, "my experience is my experience", and THAT can NOT be argued.

(much like there are NO bad pumps, but that does not, imply, that one could
not have a negative experience, with a pump, or the pump company)

also, because it would be posted, as a "subjective opinion", and "stating it
as such", id think, (again... law is not a strong suit at all) that IP.org,
might have a better chance, at pulling it off

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