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[IP] Another story about medical professionals

Hi all.

My boyfriend was telling me last night about a patient that came into the ER 
yesterday. The guy is a construction worker and not from the area. He had a 
really bad low blood sugar and got his friend to drive him. They stopped at a 
clinic that was close to the construction site. They went in and told them at 
the clinic that they had to go to the ER and that they would not treat him 
there at the clinic. The guy was disoriented and going in and out of 
consciousness.  Luckily someone in the clinic said that she was going towards 
the ER so that they could follow her there. In the drive to the ER he became 
unresponsive. Luckily there were 5 paramedics sitting outside the ER and my 
boyfriend was working at a desk right by a window and saw them drive up. My 
boyfriend and the paramedics ran out and tried to get the guy out of the car 
to take him inside. They guy started to fight with them and going in and out. 
 They gave him a tube of glucose which he did take but it didn't help. They 
then gave him a shot of glucogon...the entire thing. That didn't help either. 
Finally the 5 paramedics, my boyfriend, and 2 security guards got him inside. 
The guy kept fighting and eventually they got an IV in him. They gave him an 
amp of 50% dextrose. Eventually the guy started to come around. There was 
never an opportunity to even test the guy! The ER then reported to clinic 
(which is associated with the hospital). You know what hit the fan! Later on 
my bf went in and talked to the guy and the guy didn't even remember what had 
happened. This guy is lucky that the lady showed him and his friend how to 
get to the ER because they didn't know were it was and this guy could have 
died. The clinic never even offered him juice or to call the paramedics. It 
is unbelievable. When I heard this I was so angry. 

Sorry this is so long. I was angry when I heard this and considering the 
recent threads on doctors and medical professionals I thought this was 

Still fuming about this,

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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