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RE: [IP] airport guideline confusion


I can comment on everything except the insulin pump because I have not
started mine yet. I travel all the time out the philly airport as
recently as March. I have never had a problem with my supplies although
you are correct in taking the proper steps. First off, I have never had
my carry-on baggage checked because of the diabetes supplies. I usually
carry three times the amount of stuff that I need with 2/3 going in my
carry-on and 1/3 going in my checked luggage. Never put all your stuff
in your checked luggage in case it gets lost. I have had my luggage
checked simply because of the random searches they do now. I keep all my
supplies in there own separate bag. I have been asked if I am carrying
any syringes on one occasion I simply responded yes because I am
diabetic. I was not asked to produce any documentation although I had
that available. On one occasion they did ask me to open one of the
supply bags which I offered to do for them and moved some stuff around
and they were satisfied. I personally do not volunteer any information
until specifically asked. That is simply because I don't want the
security to take longer than necessary. If your pump sets off the
detector for whatever reason I would tell them what you have and offer
to show it to them. I would wait for their response simply so they don't
get nervous. You will have no trouble at all, have a great trip.

Eric Geller
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