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[IP] airport guideline confusion

hello all!
i've been reading thru old posts and i'm a bit confused- i'm hoping you all
can help clear things up. i haven't flown since april of 2000.  I'm leaving
from philly airport to milwaukee in a week in a half to see my grandmother and
i'm confused about what i need to do for the airport. i'll be traveling alone,
and first time since being diabetic.
 i know to have all prescriptions in the original bottle with the pharmacy
label on it. i know the pump doesn't set off the metal detector. what i'm
confused about is this:

1) at what point do i tell the airline i'm diabetic and to hand search my
insulin/syringe bag? where i check my luggage? at the security checkpoint?
2) i do not let them put my insulin thru the xray machine, correct? it
degrades it, or something like that....?
3) can i put any syringes in the checked in luggage or will they freak? i'm
only brining a couple for back up.
4) in the bag i hand over for them to hand check i should have my insulin,
syringes, glucogon kit and... anything else?
5) where do they let you meet your party now? i know people without tickets
can no longer meet you at the gate- is the baggage claim ok? i'm asking in
case i go low or need help- i guess i'd just have to find an attendant or
something? i also get motion sickness, that's usually my biggest problem.

any words of advice would be appreciated! this is a big mental step for me-
being able to travel alone again and handle it, so i'm a little nervous....

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
pumping 9/00
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