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Re: [IP] keeping diabetes a secret

> now, your mom's in a nursing home, so the majority of the patients they
> with diabetes would be type 2 (some of whom would be injecting insulin,
> some of the needs are a little different).  this would probably mean that
> they don't know as much about type 1, nor about the insulin pump.  the
> people you're talking about are ones who won't have any medical
> so of course they're not going to get it.  they've got a bunch of
> pre-conceived notions based on what they've seen in popular media and in
> their own limited experience.

I think this is true, only it isn't just nursing homes (let's face it, type
2 is far more common in general society than type 1 is).  Also, it doesn't
help the fact that for years, they DID tell us not to eat sugary desserts,
etc.  When I was diagnosed, I was told that cookies, ice cream, cake, the
whole nine yards was off limits.  I personally found it hard to believe that
was really true, and only started eating the stuff again when sugar free
stuff got a lot harder to find.

Put those two bits of information together, and you've got a lot of
misinformation for these people to overcome, and changing their
understanding doesn't happen overnight.

> why don't you just bring printed information to the nursing home?  or the
> next time one of them tries to tell you what to do, tell them to butt out.

Yep, that was my thought, too.  When one of the people in the first email
said, "No, you're not," about taking care of yourself, I might be tempted to
say something like, "I take insulin for all the carbs in this.  After a
couple of hours (or whatever it is for you) I check, and my blood sugars are
good.  My Hemoglobin A1c's are great.  My doctor is convinced I'm taking
care of myself and *S/He's* impressed with my blood sugar logs and A1c's, so

I say I'd be tempted, but I may chicken out, or more likely, think of all
that fifteen minutes or a half hour later, when it is too late to offer a
come back. :-}

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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