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Fwd: Re: [IP] Sign at dr's for competence

 >What about internists?  I was referred to an internist because my GP thought
 >there were no good endos where I lived.
 >This guy is great.  Although he does several lectures for mini-med, he is
 >not wedded to them.  In fact, he agreed with me that that animas was the
 >best choice for my needs.

If he supports pumping and can help you both to get started and in your 
ongoing life with the pump, add him to the list, by all means.  This is the 
kind of doctor we all need to know about


 >Pump Docs page, located at
 >> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/pumpdocs.cgi
 >> Any doctor on this list comes recommended by one of our list members.  If
 >> you have an endo you like, why don't you add him or her to the list?
 >> Liz
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