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[IP] Re: paradigm reservoir refilling

At 11:39 PM -0500 4/16/03, jhughey wrote:
>  >>>My pharmacist said he would look into getting u200 insulin for me but
>doesn't know if it is available in Canada or not. >>>
>Well, it's not even available in the US of A. MiniMed scrapped that
>project - no U200 insulin. Sorry.

Even if you were to get U500, then dilute that to a U200 
concentration, there would be so many limitations and such room for 
errors that I wouldn't even consider trying it.  The pump would still 
only be able to set basals in 0.1 ul increments which with U200 would 
be a minimum of 0.2 units (discounting the zero) and would change in 
the same 0.2 unit steps.   I wonder when MM scrapped the idea as 
there appears to be no sign of it in programming.

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