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RE: [IP] Eye exam

> I have a doctor that seems to run late the minute he
hits the door. Reason being....People like him, he spends time with each
patient and if you need more he has no problem with it, and there is always
room to be fitted in if you need to see him. I have waited over two hours to
see him and because I know I can't replace him easily I don't mind the
reading time.>>>

We drove 15 miles to my eyeologist. Once he cancelled all his app'ts and
took a man he had not seen before who had a detached retina (75 mi away). I
said to the upset people that I appreciate him for that. If I were in the
same trouble that meant he'd put me at top priority. I haven't seen him
since late '97 after he did my vitrectomy.

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