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Re: [IP] Sign at IP for Dr's. competence

>  >> What about internists?  I was referred to an internist because 
>my GP thought
>>>  there were no good endos where I lived.
>>  I am looking for a new endo.  There does not appear to be many endos in my
>>  area in my ins plan and I know a few who do not take pump 
>>patients.  I had no
>  > idea that internists manage pump patients.  I will look into it.
>  > Kathie1432

>My Dr. is an internist and he is the one who pushed a pump to me and
>convinced me to try it. (only took him two years to do this) in the meantime
>he taught me how to carb count and adjust my insulin to what I needed.  He
>was so happy when I finally decided to try out a pump and kept insisting
>that I would love it. (He was right to my surprise) He always knows what he
>is talking about and can answer all of my questions.  He is much better than
>a lost of the endo's I have run into around here.

Is he listed on these pages?    http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/pumpdocs.cgi

He should be!!!   This list is not just endocrinologist, but any 
physician that manages diabetes with insulin pump therapy!   Please, 
if you have a doctor that is an advocate for pump therapy, list them 
here!   Give another diabetic the favor that will change their life! 

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