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[IP] paradigm reservoir refilling

Hi all. Just got my new paradigm Monday night. I use at least 60 units a day
and was using my reservoirs 2 times with the 508. I tried tonight to reuse
it with my new pump and found that I could not pull air back into the
reservoir in order to push it into the vial in order to draw up a new load
of insulin. My husband thought it might have a one-way valve and tried
putting the blue thing on upside down, but no joy. Am I doing something
wrong? Any suggestions and or help from the "experts" would be appreciated!
If all else fails I will have to navigate through IP and figure out how to
use the archives! After priming I only had 160 units and I know Summer can
get 178 into hers! :) My pharmacist said he would look into getting u200
insulin for me but doesn't know if it is available in Canada or not. When
you input the insulin type the only choices are 50 or 100. I guess one would
just have to cut all basal and bolus amounts in half.
TIA Susan and her new baby
PS My only complaint so far is that I have the volume set on high and can
still barely hear the beeps. I was excited about going swimming with Baby
today but had to go to the hospital instead.:( What with the holiday, will
have to wait until next Wednesday to try it out. What works well for me is a
2-piece tankini. I get the bottom on, clip to it. Get the top on, and away I
go. There is sometimes a wait to get in so I was disconnecting poolside
instead of in the locker room. You should have seen the messes I got into
with a one-piece bathing suit at times! Call me Chatty Cathy tonight!
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